Udacity Raises $100 Million for What’s Essentially a Coding School

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According to reporting at EducationNews.org and the Wall Street Journal, Udacity has collected $105 in investment to continue their growth despite not having a real business model. After starting with goals to change the college experience by moving it online, which didn’t work, Udacity is now offering job training to those out of school.

From the reporting:

[After] his college partnerships fell through, and the company turned instead to those already in the workforce who want to learn or improve technical skills.

And now, Udacity has collected investment to offer what it calls “nanodegrees” in tech skills like coding:

Last year, the company created its first degree program, called the “nanodegree,” to provide training to those hoping to enter technical fields. There are nine nanodegrees available, including training for those interested in becoming a front-end web developer, Android developer, or data analyst, among other careers, writes Jillian D’Onfro of Business Insider.

Coding schools are, it’s possible to judge from the funding, going to be popular in India. While that’s great, it’s a challenge to see what this news has to do with higher education in the U.S.