Huff Po: A Money-Back Guarantee on Education?

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The Huffington Post has an article about some of the mobile study applications offered by HLT — including those that prepare students from important certification tests in careers such as nursing and dentistry. From the article:

“…they guarantee the apps they make for nursing students, which are designed to help students prepare for the NCLEX RN exam and other certification tests. And it has not just a “14-day, money-back guarantee” based on satisfaction but a “200% money-back guarantee” which says simply, “If you attend an accredited U.S. nursing school and buy the full version of our app, we will double your money back if you fail your nursing exam.”

Again, imagine if a textbook company said that – “If you buy our philosophy book and you don’t get at least a B in the class, we’ll essentially pay you.”

Read the entire article here.