Kids Discover Presents Free Professional Learning Resources for Cross-Curricular Lesson Planning

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Educational resources offer strategies, lesson plans and effective models for increasing critical thinking skills by applying concepts across multiple disciplines

(NEW YORK, NY) March 1, 2017 – Kids Discover, a leading provider of dynamic, engaging science and social studies curriculum, today announced the release of their Cross-Curricular Professional Learning Resources, including an infographic and two ebooks; “Improving Student Engagement and Outcomes with Cross-Curricular Application,” and “Creating a Cross-Curricular Learning Environment with Digital Curriculum.” These resources will detail the importance of cross-curricular lessons for educators and offer administrators models for integration into schools.

“Kids Discover has committed to increasing cross-curricular learning in every school across the country,” said Ted Levine, the president and CEO of Kids Discover. “Cross-curricular lessons give learning context, develop students’ critical thinking skills, and increase interest in STEM fields. With the growing adoption of technology in the classroom, creating customized cross-curricular lessons is easier than ever.”

The infographic and ebooks demonstrate just how effective cross-curricular models are at increasing student understanding, concept mastery, and critical thinking. These resources include reflections from industry thought leaders such as Dr. Lauren Madden, Michio Kaku, and Heidi Hayes Jacobs. The ebooks include practical steps educators can take to incorporate these kinds of lessons into their classrooms as well as how school and district leaders can create and foster a culture of cross-curricular learning. Additionally, free cross-curricular lesson plans are available on Kids Discover’s website.

The lesson plans, created during Kids Discover’s recent Cross-Curricular Lesson Plan Contest, include lessons built for grades 3–8 by educators who merged two or more disciplines in a meaningful way for their students.

“Cross-curricular lessons have been shown to increase science vocabulary and reading comprehension, increase mathematic scores, and improve student performance,” said Levine. “Educators who use cross-curricular lessons notice their students have higher critical thinking skills, more motivation to learn, and greater creativity in problem-solving than students who are not enrolled in cross-curricular learning. The benefits are clear, and Kids Discover wants to help educators give their students the best education possible.”

For more information and to download the resources, please visit KidsDiscover.com/cross-curricular-resources.

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