Breaking the Spanish Barrier Flashcards Featured on the Apple App Store

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The latest version of the language-learning app offers groundbreaking voice-recognition technology and a new Traveler’s Guide

(Groton, MA) June 22, 2017 — Breaking the Barrier, Inc., a global leader in print and digital language learning, announced today that the new version of its Essential Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards has been selected by Apple as a featured app on its App Store. The company’s first iOS app, the inaugural version of Essential Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards, was also featured by Apple when it was released in 2016.

This groundbreaking app employs state-of-the-art voice-recognition technology to enable learners to interact with their device—even offline—to master the most useful words in the Spanish language. Audio by native speakers and entertaining quizzes engage and encourage learners as they progress from one level to the next. The new version features a new component entitled Traveler’s Guide, which serves as an electronic phrasebook that will help travelers master key vocabulary before or during their journeys.

Essential Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards features the same vocabulary lists as Breaking the Barrier’s award-winning world language series, making the app the perfect companion for both print and digital books.

The Breaking the Barrier World Language Series helps learners read, write, and speak the target language fluently, while developing a deep understanding for and appreciation of the various cultures and traditions associated with each language. Developed by Groton School teacher and Dean of Faculty John Conner, the Breaking the Barrier World Language Series gives learners everywhere access to the same rigorous and effective language learning experiences found in one of America’s top schools.

“We are thrilled that our Essential Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards has been chosen for a second time as a featured app by Apple,” said Conner, Breaking the Barrier’s Founder and Series Editor. “We’ve built upon our groundbreaking voice-recognition technology and added a highly practical travel component to create an updated app that will continue to inspire and motivate users. Any language learner or traveler is in for a treat!”

For more information or to download the app, please visit www.tobreak.com/app .

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