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EdTech Chronicle is a news source, publishing original news and sharing important information from other sources in the areas of education, technology and where those two meet – EdTech.


Investors poured $1.25 billion into EdTech properties in 2013. Enterprise software is a large, $300 billion market. Entertainment and media is a much larger market, at $1.6 trillion. But the education market around the world is a staggering $4.6 trillion dollars.  That’s more than the entire United States budget.


Those market sizes and investments, coupled with growing awareness of pedagogy and innovation are making EdTech the definitive financial, social and cultural marketplace of the next century. We aim to cover it.



Derek Newton, Publisher – Derek Newton is a writer based in New York City who has written on education and edtech for The Atlantic, Entrepreneur Magazine and other publications. Follow him @DerekTNG