ClassTag Launches ClassTag Connect, a Comprehensive Parent Engagement Platform for Schools and Districts

As schools around the country shifted to remote and hybrid learning this year, the importance of parental involvement in student learning became more important than ever before. However, there’s a difference between simply sending communications to parents v.s. actually have them be truly engaged.

To address this critical issue, parent-teacher communication platform, ClassTag, decided to launch ClassTag Connect, an all-in-one engagement platform that provides robust data-driven insights to facilitate greater parent, teacher, and administrator engagement and insights from classroom to district.

“The COVID pandemic has prompted school districts to recognize the value of a single, cohesive engagement platform that will avoid overwhelming parents with siloed communications. Our platform provides a way for districts and their individual schools to facilitate meaningful, personal, two-way communication between parents, teachers and administrators while simultaneously offering school and districts actionable insights behind parental engagement levels, ensuring that every family is empowered during this challenging time,”  said Vlada Lotkina, CEO and Co-Founder of ClassTag.

ClassTag has launched ClassTag Connect which is a comprehensive parent engagement platform for schools and districts.

For example, ClassTag Connect allows schools and districts to send important updates in real time to each parent’s preferred messaging channel, whether that’s via the app, email, SMS, web or paper. The accessibility of ClassTag Connect also extends to families who do not speak English as a first language as well, as the app allows for automatic translation into 60+ languages. It’s also the perfect companion to schools and districts that operate using Google’s suite of tools as it seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom, Drive, Meet, Calendar and YouTube; making it easier to upload and sync files and share information.

Perhaps most importantly, ClassTag Connect monitors and measures parent engagement with actionable reporting. Once a school or district connects to the platform, a Connection Health Report is generated which details how effectively parents are being reached across the school or district. Through the use of aggregated read receipts and contact validity across data channels, ClassTag Connect then identifies any parents, classrooms, or schools where connectivity is lacking, allowing for insightful segmentation by demographic data.

“We view the challenges of coronavirus as an opportunity for schools and districts to enhance their communications now so that they have a cohesive engagement strategy that will persist even after the pandemic has ended,” said Lotkina.

More than 25,000 schools and several districts, including South-Western City School District, Phoenix Talent School District, and Salado Independent School District are currently using ClassTag Connect.