x2VOL Announces Collaboration with PowerSchool to Provide a Single Sign-On to x2VOL Customers

x2VOL by intelliVOL, the leading service hour tracking and reporting platform, announces a new collaboration with PowerSchool, the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America. The collaboration provides a Single Sign-On functionality for schools and students using both PowerSchool and x2VOL.

x2VOL is the leading service tracking and reporting platform in K-12 education, providing schools and students across the country with one online place to track service hours and experiences. With the PowerSchool Single Sign-On integration, students and administrators alike can easily access their x2VOL account directly from their PowerSchool dashboard.

x2VOL Announces Collaboration with PowerSchool to provide a Single Sign-On to x2VOL customers. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“We are excited to announce this collaboration with PowerSchool and provide a service tracking solution for schools and students across the country,” says Michele Pitman, Founder, and CEO, intelliVOL. “We look forward to streamlining access to x2VOL for PowerSchool users with this Single Sign-On partnership.”

In addition to service hour tracking, x2VOL also works with schools to track work-based learning hours, internship hours, Career & Technical Education (CTE), and more. With x2VOL, schools can benefit from one online tracking platform so administrators can be free of the burden of administrative tasks, allowing enhanced focus on student growth and development.

With the speed of technological advancements today, there has never been a better time to form a collaboration among the market leaders within the industry. PowerSchool connects students, teachers, administrators, and parents, with the shared goal of improving student outcomes. From the office to the classroom to the home, it helps schools and districts efficiently manage state reporting and related compliance, special education, finance, human resources, talent, registration, attendance, funding, learning, instruction, grading, assessments, and analytics in one unified platform.

x2VOL is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with an integration in place with a PowerSchool solution.

Source: Businesswire