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CollegeLab and LendingTree Form Strategic Partnership to Support College Applicants

CollegeLab and LendingTree announced a partnership that provides students with an integrated tool to make personalized decisions on college admissions and student loans. The partnership empowers families to weigh the financial costs and opportunities of a college degree earlier in the application process. They understand that return on investment is an increasingly important factor in deciding where to go to college, providing students with everything they need to make an informed decision.

CollegeLab, a Bema Holdings company, is a SaaS tool built on 5.3 million application records. It uses artificial intelligence and expert admissions insights to help students and counselors manage the college admissions process. It enables students to understand their chance of admission at different colleges and see how they could improve those chances, while providing the tools to create application lists that are a match for the individual student. CollegeLab is a subscription-based service, but is made available free of charge to students supported by community-based organizations, including Girl Scouts of America, The Joyce Ivy Foundation, and organizations receiving support from the Lone Pine Foundation.

LendingTree is an online lending marketplace with one of the largest networks of lenders in the country. It offers a suite of tools, calculators for comparing loan options and services to hundreds of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students annually.

“We are extremely excited by this partnership with LendingTree, which will allow us to focus our data and analytics to provide students with meaningful school-specific ROI information well before the application process,” said Aimahd Sabky, COO of CollegeLab.

The college decisioning process is overwhelming, opaque and can be incredibly stressful both in choosing the right institution and how to finance the future. “The CollegeLab-LendingTree partnership is an exciting first step at pairing admissions decisions with financing tools to empower the consumer to make the best time and financial investment decision,” said Eric Wellner GM of Student at LendingTree.

Source: PR Newswire