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Duolingo Launches Music and Math on Its Flagship App

Hit the right notes and sharpen your mental math with new subjects on Dueling

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Duolingo the world’s leading mobile learning platform, has announced by press release that it has launched its new multi-subject app experience, by bringing both its new Music course and its updated Math course to its flagship app.

With these new subjects, learners on iOS can easily switch between the new Music course, updated Math course, and more than 40 language courses. Adding new subjects makes Duolingo more valuable and more attractive to more learners –increasing motivation to practice every day, come back to learn after a break, or use Duolingo for the first time.

“Duolingo’s mission has always been to create the best education possible and make it universally available,” said Luis von Ahn, co-founder and CEO. “We started with language because we know it can have a profound positive impact on people’s lives and we’re incredibly proud to expand to new subjects, Music and Math, which help power personal growth, opportunity, and connection. My hope is that our gamified approach to teaching helps people improve their confidence in these traditionally challenging subjects.”

Studies show that learning music helps with reading, verbal, listening, and math skills, and can even delay cognitive decline associated with aging. Though music education has many benefits, more than 3.6 million students in the U.S. lack access. For those wanting to pursue further instruction, private lessons can cost up to $400 per session.

Duolingo’s new Music course teaches foundational music theory through an on-screen keyboard so that anyone can learn—no instrument required. Interactive lessons teach music concepts including pitch, meter, rhythm, and interval. Throughout a lesson, learners also gain playing, sight reading, and listening skills. Eventually, learners can put their knowledge to the test by playing full-length pieces from a diverse selection of 200+ songs from the public domain.

Duolingo is also launching an update to its Math course, and bringing it into its flagship app. The updated course includes more advanced real-world math skills, like calculating tips and hourly wages, to sharpen adult learners’ mental math.

There’s more to learn than ever before on Duolingo. Learners can access the app’s most fun features, from completing Quests to climbing the leaderboard, in any subject. This means learners can keep their streak alive by doing a Math lesson one day and a French lesson the next!

The updated multi-subject Duolingo app is available now in English and Spanish interfaces on iOS devices. For more information or to start learning visit

Source: GlobeNewsWire