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Genius Group acquires California based University of Antelope Valley

Genius Group Limited a world-leading entrepreneur Edtech and education group, announced the acquisition of the USA-based University of Antelope Valley (UAV).

Post-acquisition, Genius Group plans to grow the university campus, and build a Metaversity – a digital twin of UAV in the metaverse – including a 21st-century curriculum, faculty, campuses and Edtech platform for university students – to deliver tertiary education globally in an immersive and engaging way. Following its IPO on NYSE American on April 12, 2022, Genius Group is now integrating its IPO Acquisitions into its Genius Curriculum.

Situated in California, UAV was founded in 1997 by Marco and Sandra Johnson. The university has been built with strong community links and an excellent reputation in athletics and academics, with a range of vocational certifications, associate degree and degree programs. 

To date, Genius Group has over 2.9 million students in 200 countries, ranging from primary and secondary school students to startup founders and experienced entrepreneurs. The acquisition of UAV will further enhance Genius Group’s offering with accredited courses available and provide a central campus in the USA where students can carry out in-person learning.

Source: Businesswire