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MathWorks Announces Pearson to Offer Automated MATLAB Assessment Tool on the MyLab Engineering Digital Learning Platform

MathWorks, the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists, in partnership with Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, announced the integration of the MATLAB® Grader tool in Pearson’s MyLab Engineering digital learning platform. Now with MATLAB Grader, educators can scale assessments and autograde MATLAB assignments with the Thinking Like an Engineer: An Active Learning Approach interactive course, the most widely used Introduction to Engineering material in the market.

“Integrating MATLAB Grader with the MyLab Engineering platform brings Thinking Like an Engineer to a new level of interactivity to enhance student engagement and learning,” said P.J. Boardman, MathWorks Director of Educational Marketing. “First-year engineering students will hone both their technical and problem-solving skills with instant feedback using the same software used by professional engineers worldwide. Faculty will now be able to automatically grade MATLAB code and immediately assess where students have challenges to help focus them on areas of improvement.”

Thinking Like an Engineer on the MyLab Engineering platform provides first-year engineering students with a personalized interactive learning environment, where they can learn at their own pace and measure their progress through the online homework, assessment and study features.

“The addition of MATLAB Grader to the Thinking Like an Engineer MyLab Engineering course further enhances the learning experience by enabling students to submit MATLAB code and receive instant feedback,”saidLinea Rowe, Pearson Vice President, Product Management. “This technology will help students succeed and drive insights for instructors to improve key goals like student progression.

MATLAB ​​is the language of technical computing and has been adopted by more than 6,500 universities as a fundamental tool for learning, teaching, and research in engineering and science.

Source: Businesswire