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Realizeit Announces Personalized Knowledge Reinforcement Tools

Realizeit, the provider of the first-of-its-kind AI-powered adaptive platform that personalizes learning for performance, announced a suite of capabilities to ensure continuous knowledge retention and proficiency in skills. The capabilities meet three vital continuous learning needs namely checking knowledge retention at requisite levels, reinforcing knowledge through microlearning activities, and updating knowledge as changes occur.

Realizeit’s revolutionary approach allows automatic micro-learning moments to be triggered using artificial intelligence (AI) that tailors to the needs of each learner. These learning moments include review and reinforcement of learned knowledge, new knowledge absorption, periodic knowledge refresh to account for decay, and micro-assessments to verify knowledge retention. This personalized and intelligent learning capability equips L&D organizations with an effective, efficient, timely, and manageable process to ensure that knowledge and skills critical to job performance are achieved and then sustained and maintained in a seamless process powered by AI to deliver maximum impact.

“All job roles require a set of critical knowledge that is important for optimal performance on the job,” said Manoj Kulkarni, CEO of Realizeit. “Whether you are in sales and need to know your product’s details or are in the warehouse where the latest safety procedures must be verified, retaining and recalling accurate knowledge is critical for every individual in a job role. However, those individuals are unique in what they know, how they learn, and the risks they can expose themselves and the organization to by not knowing or holding misinformation. With our adaptive and AI-based learning capability, we are equipping L&D teams with the power of an automated and intelligent system that can ensure accurate and up-to-date knowledge is first learned and then retained with optimal effort for every learner.”

Source: Businesswire