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Sourcewell Acquires Cloud-Based Technology Platform FilterED

Sourcewell announces its acquisition of FilterED, a cloud-based platform for schools that collects, measures and analyzes school technology information via self-assessment surveys, or by surveying multiple stakeholders.

FilterED contains three products known as modules that use surveys or inventories to give school leaders a full view of how their district uses technology so they can prioritize initiatives, track growth, and quickly and easily provide updates to their school board and community at large. It captures a wide variety of information, allows users to filter it, and empowers them to make better decisions for their students. The Technology Profile module enables a school district to contribute to state and national collective technology inventories that include rankings and aggregate data regarding assets, systems, life cycles, and other valuable data points. GreyED Solutions created FilterED to support school districts in their technology planning and implementation while promoting systemic, positive changes across their district.

“FilterED is a great addition to our portfolio because it is consistent with our commitment to help districts use data to improve student outcomes and support accountability and equity initiatives, as with our SpringMath and Proliftic offerings,” said Julie Page, Associate VP of Market Solutions at Sourcewell Technology.

Source: PR Web