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ACI Learning Rolls Out myACI SaaS Platform for Enhanced, Scalable, and AI-Enriched Training Experience

ACI Learning, the leader in IT, cyber, and audit training, recently unveiled myACI, delivering significant user experience enhancements including the introduction of an AI-powered career mentor.

With myACI, ACI Learning is shifting the company’s market-defining content offerings to a full-service, scalable solution enabling individuals and organizations to leverage amazing training, real-world labs, and integrated AI mentoring to understand and gain the critical skills needed to succeed today.

To build and nurture a well-rounded team, leaders today need a tailored learning environment that enables them to assess their teams’ strengths and weaknesses, track progress, and highlight the critical learning needed to meet and exceed their organizational goals. They also want to support a broad set of training needs including industry-recognized certifications, continuing professional education, and training that keeps their teams updated and professionally relevant. Lastly, they also want a platform that allows them to select the best external content to seamlessly integrate with their own internal training and onboarding.

ACI Learning serves more than 3,000 customers and 250,000 subscribers around the world. With over 1,000 courses and labs in IT, cyber, and audit, the myACI experience delivers a user-friendly interface with powerful, infinitely scalable functionality. Key features include:

  • AI Mentor: This innovative tool empowers learners to identify skill gaps for targeted growth, engage deeply with personalized learning insights, and build custom course curriculum and content tailored to individual needs — without having to leave the platform.
  • Skill Labs: With over 5,000 custom labs, the market-leading Skill Labs offer a dynamic and immersive environment, designed to provide learners with hands-on practice and real-world application. Unlike traditional simulations, Skill Labs replicate authentic scenarios and challenges, allowing learners to hone skills in a genuine and practical setting.
  • Leader Dashboards and Reporting: A comprehensive view for leaders to track learners’ progress, customize training paths, and even add internal training modules. The platform also allows organizations to upload internal training modules and specialized learning paths tailored to team members’ needs.
  • Gamified Learning: A fun and motivating way to track progress and achievements, encouraging continuous learning and engagement. Gamification features include skill points, badges, and credentials.
  • Secure Integrations: myACI securely integrates with all existing technologies including any existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and can scale to any size team and organization.
  • Improved Content Catalog: A thoughtfully designed catalog that curates content based on individual preferences and past use, making it easier for users to find relevant learning paths.

“myACI is significant and transformative in that it not only meets individuals where they are at in terms of how they best learn today, but it also makes it easier than ever for organizations to train and assess their teams’ skillsets,” said Brett Shively, CEO of ACI Learning. “ACI Learning has always been the leader in creating binge-worthy content. Now we’re taking that to a whole new level by offering a dynamic and user-centric platform designed to inspire, engage, and empower people in their training like never before. And this is only the beginning — we cannot wait for more improvements to unfold in the coming year.”

“I must say we were very impressed with the myACI demo. From the user side, myACI offers a straightforward interface, expansive content, and empowers the user to create their own learning path,” said Michael Owings, Information Technology Help Desk Manager at Connetic. “Administrative-wise, the clean interface, reporting features, and course planning make for an effortless experience in promoting learning and measuring engagement. This is far more than a cosmetic improvement but a thoughtful refocusing of efforts to provide top notch learning experiences.”

myACI will be rolled out to all existing customers at no additional charge over the coming weeks and is available to new customers for purchase now. 

Source: Globe Newswire