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BookNook Expands with New Math Tutoring Program Designed to Foster Mastery and Confidence

In its continued commitment to revolutionizing online learning interventions, BookNook announces the launch of its math tutoring program, providing active learning in K–8 content.

This latest initiative complements BookNook’s highly successful reading program. It embodies a collaborative, data-informed approach to math intervention to guide students toward mastery and build their confidence in mathematics. BookNook’s math program delivers a dynamic, collaborative learning environment with interactive whiteboards and virtual manipulatives. The program ensures an immersive experience where tutors and students collaboratively navigate math challenges, promoting active engagement and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Consistent with BookNook’s Science of Reading approach to learning, the math curriculum is grounded in research-based methodologies, ensuring alignment with educational standards and expectations. Crafted by a third-party provider, the curriculum offers meticulously structured lessons and a well-defined progression path tailored to students’ needs, delivering an effective, high-impact tutoring experience.

Features of the BookNook Math Program:

  • Collaborative Learning Environment: Engaging virtual instruction that uses two-way embedded video and virtual manipulatives to reinforce learning for K-8 students.
  • Research-Driven Instructional Materials: High-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials based on proven educational research, facilitating effective and structured learning experiences.
  • Qualified Math Tutors: Each tutor is thoroughly background-checked and experienced, ensuring a secure and professional learning environment for all students.
  • Progress Monitoring: Reports within the BookNook Math platform track session attendance, completion, and progress, offering insights into student advancement.

Understanding the inherent challenges of math instruction, BookNook has meticulously designed its math program to meet the specific needs and best practices of math instruction while diminishing educational disparities. The math program seeks to enhance students’ academic performance and instill a passion for mathematics, ensuring they are well-equipped for future academic endeavors. Jared Harless, Chief Product Officer at BookNook, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to broaden our demonstrated high-impact tutoring model to encompass math. Our ultimate aim has always been to significantly impact the educational journeys of the students we serve through thoughtful, effective, and personal instructional experiences. With this new math initiative, we move closer to that goal.” BookNook’s math tutoring program will be available to schools and districts eager to elevate their math intervention starting in the fall of 2024. 

Source: PR Newswire