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BookNook Selected by Michigan Association of Intermediate School Advisors (MAISA) as Approved High-Impact Tutoring Provider

BookNook, a pioneering force in synchronous online learning for K–8, is honored to announce its selection by the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Advisors (MAISA) as an approved provider for high-impact tutoring services, in line with the 23g MI Kids Back on Track grant initiative.

As a Tier 1 recipient of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Tiers of Evidence, BookNook stands at the forefront of evidence-based interventions and is dedicated to delivering research-driven instruction that significantly accelerates learning among K–8 students. “Michigan’s commitment to enhancing learning outcomes through the MI Kids Back on Track grant is commendable,” states BookNook’s CEO, Brad Baumgartner. “We are thrilled to partner with Michigan schools to offer our tailored learning solutions that make a real difference in students’ reading abilities, nurturing competent, confident readers.”

The MI Kids Back on Track program, endowed with $150 million in grants, aims to empower districts with the resources needed to implement effective tutoring strategies. BookNook stands ready to support these efforts by providing an online learning platform that integrates seamlessly into school schedules, ensuring consistent and impactful tutoring sessions. BookNook’s platform is distinguished by its ability to support the unique needs of each district, offering a blend of structured learning standards and engaging instructional materials. Our approach is designed to complement classroom teaching, thereby reinforcing and enhancing students’ skills.

Michigan joins a growing list of states, including Rhode Island, Arizona, Ohio, Arkansas, and New Jersey, to embrace BookNook’s cutting-edge approach to small-group instruction. This endorsement underscores the effectiveness of our platform in meeting diverse educational needs. Our core mission remains steadfast: to provide every student with the targeted support necessary to meet and surpass grade-level expectations, ensuring success across all facets of their academic journey.

Source: PR Newswire