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CASIO and Open Up Resources Launch New Innovative Partnership to Enhance Mathematics Education 

Integration of Casio Technology Into Open Up’s Algebra 1 Program Will Streamline Math Education Program, Improve Equity By Expanding Access to Less Connected Schools

According to a press releaseCasio and Open Up Resources (OUR) have joined forces to integrate Casio’s technology into the Algebra 1 Program of Open Up High School Mathematics, the organizations announced today at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference. This collaboration aims to address challenges stemming from limited access to technology resources, aiming to create a more inclusive and enriching learning environment.

Open Up High School Mathematics students and educators will now have access to, an intuitive online tool seamlessly incorporated into OUR’s openly accessible curriculum. This platform empowers both teachers and students to delve further into the presented mathematical concepts.

The integration of within Open Up High School Mathematics represents a significant step forward in the shared mission of both organizations to promote equity and accessibility in education. Casio and OUR have developed an Equitable Integration of Technology Framework, which underscores the importance of empowering students with a deeper understanding of mathematics through the strategic use of technology, with a focus on providing equal access and opportunities for all learners.

Built on Casio’s long-standing legacy in mathematics hardware development, ClassPad Math draws from the  ClassPad series of CAS-enabled calculators. This integration plays a pivotal role in aiding students in comprehending mathematical principles, fostering mathematical reasoning, and facilitating effective communication of their thought processes.

Within the Open Up High School Mathematics Algebra I course, users will find:

  • An embedded ClassPad Math online scientific and graphing calculator.
  • Tutorials integrated within select lessons, offering guidance on leveraging ClassPad Math and Casio’s fx-9750GIII graphing calculator to enrich the problem-solving experience.
  • An inclusive technology integration framework within the course guide.

Open Up High School Math is the only high school mathematics curriculum entirely structured around the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions. This comprehensive three-year curriculum aligns with the College and Career Ready Standards, available in both Integrated and AGA course sequences.

Jason Isaacs, CEO of Open Up Resources said, “This forward-looking collaboration between Open Up Resources and Casio is about harnessing our unique strengths and making math accessible to more learning environments. It’s about elevating innovation and advancing equity in mathematics education. We’re excited to begin this collaboration by providing teachers with practical tools to enrich students’ learning experiences through accessible tech integration in the classroom.”

Dr. Kristopher J. Childs, Chief Academics, Equity, and Social Justice Officer at Open Up Resources said, “The OUR x Casio partnership will transform mathematics education by offering teachers practical guidance for incorporating technology in the classroom and enhancing students’ mathematics experiences. With a strong emphasis on equity, this partnership will reimagine mathematics education and set a new standard for seamless technology integration.”

Hirofumi Takeda, Senior General Manager of the EdTech Division, Casio America, Inc said, “Our alliance with Open Up Resources embodies Casio’s profound commitment to fostering equity in education. Through the seamless integration of advanced technology within teaching and learning frameworks, we aspire to inaugurate a progressive phase in mathematics education. This endeavor is fundamentally aimed at empowering educators with robust, innovative tools, and ensuring every student has access to a high-quality, technology-enhanced educational journey.”

To access the Casio integration within Open Up High School Mathematics:

  • Navigate to the Open Up Resources website
  • Select Open Up High School Math > AGA / Integrated
  • Login to the Open Up Resources website (Creating an account is free.)
  • Explore units and lessons online
  • Select Algebra 1 and teacher or student roles then click “Explore”
    • Teacher accounts include course guide + tutorials + ClassPad
    • Student view gives access to ClassPad + tutorials.

Source: PR Newswire