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Castnet Learning, Inc. Announces Acquisition by Tustawi, Inc.

Castnet Learning, Inc., a leading technology startup dedicated to revolutionizing education, is excited to announce its acquisition by Tustawi, Inc., a prominent online learning company operating in Kenya and headquartered in the United States. This strategic acquisition represents a significant milestone in Castnet Learning’s journey and aligns with the company’s commitment to make online learning more mobile, accessible, and intelligent—a mission shared by the Tustawi team. The addition of Castnet Learning’s Whatsapp-based AI learning tool, Hello PLATO, to the lightweight AI-supported Tustawi learning platform, will catalyze Tustawi’s trajectory in the educational technology sector.

Tustawi’s existing customers may begin utilizing Hello PLATO immediately, with full integration to the rest of the Tustawi portfolio expected by early 2025.

Rachel Fisher, founder of Castnet Learning, shares, “The Castnet team foresaw the AI-assisted learning revolution, as well as the increasing mobility of the workforce. By leveraging conversational AI in chat environments like Whatsapp, Hello PLATO provides a modern upgrade to the LMS platforms of the 2010s. In seeking to push the sector forward, we’re thrilled to find a like-minded team in Tustawi.”

As a part of the acquisition, Rachel Fisher, along with Jessica Millstone, Managing Partner at Copperwire Ventures and the first investor in Castnet Learning, will be joining a team of seasoned operators and investors advising Tustawi, providing deep industry expertise to support the company vision.

Tustawi has already established itself as a top content provider and developer, but its newly launched AI learning platform has everything today’s businesses, from growing startups to more established companies, need to onboard and upskill their teams. The collaboration between Castnet Learning and Tustawi, Inc, creates synergies that will drive innovation and expand Tustawi’s reach. “Moving forward,” Esther Nyauncho, founder of Tustawi, said, “The company’s commitment to developing cutting-edge but accessible educational technology remains unwavering and the team is enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Source: PR Web