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Cirrus partners with Turnitin to promote exam honesty and integrity

Partnership offers Cirrus Assessment customers even more options to promote test taker integrity.

According to a press release, Cirrus Assessment is proud to announce a new partnership with Turnitin, a leading provider of academic integrity and assessment solutions. This partnership introduces two game-changing integrations that will offer Cirrus customers even more options to promote test-taker integrity: 

Turnitin Similarity – an important tool against copy/paste plagiarism and student collusion, and 

Turnitin Originality – a solution designed to address emerging trends in academic misconduct, such as contract cheating.

The Cirrus cloud platform enables awarding bodies, higher education and professional testing organizations worldwide to create, deliver and mark online exams anytime, anywhere. “We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to education ethics,” Cirrus’ CEO Vegard Sivertsen notes. “Academic dishonesty can have huge implications, and not only in terms of damaging an awarding body or academic institution’s reputation. It may also lead to fines, lawsuits, and loss of projects when qualifications are awarded to candidates who do not deserve them. Turnitin’s solutions help educational and research organizations foster the highest level of integrity. We are proud to offer such a trusted and effective solution to our customers, and partner with a company that puts honesty at the core of their work”.

Turnitin Similarity now integrates seamlessly into the Cirrus Assessment platform, ensuring the originality of written work by checking written exam answers against Turnitin’s database of scholarly publications and web content. If text matches are detected Turnitin will show a similarity percentage score, indicating the amount of the matching material the answer contains. Markers can now make informed decisions about the originality of a student’s answer as well as its adherence to citation standards. Similarity fits easily into the Cirrus workflow, ensuring markers do not have to leave the e-assessment environment to use the tool.

Verifying the authorship of written work within Cirrus becomes possible due to the Turnitin Originality integration. With an expanded content database and an insightful document details dashboard, Originality offers the most comprehensive solution to support academic integrity. It will function as a trusted guide for exam makers during exam checking.

“As exam-taking is rapidly shifting to remote and online formats, we partnered with Cirrus Assessment to support the integrity of the process,“ says Turnitin’s VP of Alliances Todd Baker. “Our product integration provides a streamlined marking experience with robust misconduct prevention capabilities.”

Cirrus Assessment is continually raising the bar when it comes to academic honesty. This partnership gives markers another tool in their belt to uphold assessment with integrity. It will help make grading exams faster and fairer, whilst supporting original writing with data and insights.

About Cirrus Assessment
Cirrus Assessment is a SaaS company that has helped awarding bodies, higher education and professional testing organizations create, deliver and mark online exams since 2013. The Cirrus e-assessment platform combines powerful features with an intuitive interface to let users focus on what matters: helping test takers succeed. With excellent customer service and now even more robust security, they are a fast-growing e-assessment company based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Learn more at 

About Turnitin
Turnitin is a global company dedicated to ensuring the integrity of education and meaningfully improving learning outcomes. For more than 20 years, Turnitin has partnered with educational institutions to promote honesty, consistency, and fairness across all subject areas and assessment types. Turnitin products are used by educational institutions and certification and licensing programs to uphold integrity and increase learning performance, and by students and professionals to do their best, original work.

Turnitin has offices in Australia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Over 16,000 academic institutions, publishers, and corporations use Turnitin services: Gradescope by Turnitin, iThenticate, Turnitin Feedback Studio, Turnitin Originality, Turnitin Similarity, ExamSoft, ProctorExam, and Ouriginal. Learn more at