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CollegeVine Unveils First-of-its-Kind AI Recruiter

CollegeVine, the AI-powered professional network for high school students, announced the launch of Trellis, a first-of-its-kind agentic AI product to reimagine the student recruitment journey.

Trellis will equip institutions with trained autonomous AI recruiters that provide a highly personalized experience for students while enabling universities to meaningfully engage their top of funnel.

Today, universities juggle hundreds of thousands of students at the top of their funnel and struggle to effectively yield these students through to enrollment, relying heavily on mass email campaigns to do so. In turn, students are bombarded with thousands of generic emails and mailers throughout high school. Trellis leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to enable universities to train their own AI recruiter to act on their behalf and reach prospective students across multiple media: phone call, text message, email, direct mail, and even custom swag. The AI recruiter operates simultaneous workflows across hundreds of thousands of prospects, learning from each interaction and determining the next best step for the student to engage with the university on the path to enrollment.

“Trellis will redefine recruitment in higher education for the benefit of both students and universities,” said Zack Perkins, CEO and co-founder of CollegeVine. “The ability for AI recruiters to act on behalf of their partnering institutions and give each student 1-on-1 attention introduces a brand-new paradigm to an industry beleaguered by burnout and ineffective tooling.”

Source: Businesswire