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DreamBox Learning® Announces Record Expansion into New School Districts

DreamBox Learning, the leading education technology provider that in 2006 pioneered intelligent adaptive learning, announced new expansions and partnerships with school district customers, including Prince George’s County Public Schools and East Baton Rouge Parish School System. The districts join DreamBox during a year of record growth and expansion into the K-12 English Language Arts market with the acquisitions of Reading Plus® and Squiggle Park. DreamBox now delivers personalized and adaptive math and reading learning experiences to nearly 6 million students.

As the only dual-discipline provider offering school districts solutions rated “Strong” by Johns Hopkins’ in both mathematics and reading, school districts are selecting DreamBox as a partner to provide educators and students evidence-based learning solutions. New and expanded district and state department of education partners now using DreamBox’s math and/or reading solutions include:

  • Beaufort County School District, S.C.
  • East Baton Rouge Parish School System, La.
  • Northside Independent School District, Texas
  • Prince George’s County Public Schools, Md.
  • Seminole County Public Schools, Fla.
  • South Carolina Department of Education, S.C.
  • Wake County Public School System, N.C.

“DreamBox Learning is the right choice to best support our teachers and serve the diverse needs of our students,” said Dr. Sito Narcisse, Superintendent of East Baton Rouge Parish School System in Louisiana. “We have learned not all education technology is created equal, so we are excited to offer our teachers an evidence-based solution proven to increase student achievement. In addition to impressive adaptive learning technology and real-time predictive analytics, DreamBox also provides our teachers actionable professional development – a necessary resource as we adapt to another uncertain school year.”

The new partnerships come at a time when educators need to ascertain where students are in their learning and meet their needs regardless of their unique learning environments during the height of the pandemic. To support each student’s return to another uncertain school year, DreamBox provides the right math or reading lesson at the right time, adapting to where students are and accelerating learning.

“As we navigate this important moment in education, we’re delighted to support more students and educators than ever before with a dual-discipline offering that is proven-effective by independent third-party evaluations and instills both math and reading competence and confidence in students,” said Jessie Woolley-Wilson, President and CEO of DreamBox Learning. “We’ve entered a new age of personalized learning. This school year more students have access to devices and broadband, educators are more comfortable and excited about using education technology, and district leaders are bending towards trusted brands with proven results.”

Independent research conducted by Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research shows that students who use DreamBox for just one hour a week improve their math scores by nearly 60% more than expected growth norms on benchmark and state tests. Furthermore, Reading Plus produces 2.0-2.5 years of proficiency grade-level reading gains for striving students when used with fidelity despite nationwide school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While DreamBox adapts to meet students where they are to further learning, DreamBox’s advanced data and analytics solutions, DreamBox Predictive Insights (DPI) and Lesson Recommendations, provide predictions about how students will perform on state tests as well as recommended math concepts and skills for each student that teachers can use for 1:1 or small group differentiation. These actionable insights are updated continually throughout the school year so that district administrators and teachers always have access to recent and relevant data without losing instructional time for additional testing.

With a combination of these robust data and analytics solutions, the best-of-breed dual-discipline solution in the market, and value-added services, DreamBox is uniquely positioned to support more schools, educators, and students as the company radically changes the way the world learns.

Source: Businesswire