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EdTech Startup Propello Launches Inquiry Booster Packs, Promoting Teacher Success and Student Engagement

68% of teachers cite low student engagement as their biggest challenge today
Booster Packs unlock “on demand” inquiry-based instruction for educators

Propello, the teaching and learning platform designed by educators to better serve the individual needs of students, has launched turnkey Inquiry-Based Booster Packs to connect schools and districts with classroom-ready, standards-aligned supplemental science instructional materials. Booster Packs drive student engagement through inquiry-based instruction that offers flexibility to conform to an educator’s existing workflow.

Subjects currently offered in Propello’s Inquiry-Based Science Booster Pack are aligned to NGSS standards in Life Sciences, Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science. Each booster pack includes click-and-go classroom-ready lessons, real-world phenomena-based videos, hands-on active labs and activities, diverse assessment options, embedded student supports like language translations and text-to-speech, and teacher guidance.

“Sometimes all a student needs to spark their curiosity is a little boost,” said Amanda Bratten, VP of Content and Curriculum at Propello. “We already know that inquiry-based learning engages students by encouraging them to ask questions and explore the world around them – but until now switching to inquiry-based instruction has too often required teachers to tear down and start over. At Propello, we know that you can’t just “turn on” inquiry-based instruction like a light switch. You’ve got to dial it up intentionally over time. Booster Packs empower teachers and districts to fold in engaging and high-quality instructional materials at a pace that works for them.”

According to one report, 68% of teachers cite low student engagement as the biggest challenge facing education today. However, according to a recent ASCD study, many of the most popular supplemental instructional materials available today are not aligned with standards, are of low quality and depth, and offer few, if any, built-in learning supports.

Booster Packs provide hands-on activities, fill standards gaps, and give teachers the flexibility to experiment with inquiry-based instruction without sacrificing quality.

Propello recently announced the company’s inaugural partnership with PowerSchool, the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America, to offer standards-aligned, pre-vetted curriculum, labs, assignments, and formative assessments that educators can modify based on the unique needs of their students to create more personalized learning experiences. The Oregon State Board of Education has named Propello’s inquiry-driven middle school science curriculum to the state’s approved Adopted Science Instructional Materials List.

Source: PR Newswire