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Follett School Solutions Acquires MasterLibrary

Brings Revolutionary Facility Management to Over 80,000 Schools 

Follett School Solutions, a leader in K-12 educational technology solutions, announced by press release the strategic acquisition of MasterLibrary, the innovator of integrated facilities solutions for K-12 districts. MasterLibrary’s suite manages facilities and fixed assets, facility scheduling, work order management, and more, and will significantly enhance the Follett School Solutions portfolio. This acquisition reinforces the Follett School Solutions commitment to providing world-class products and services that empower educators and administrators in the K-12 sector.

“We believe in a unified approach to technology in education, and in providing exceptional, integrated solutions that work smoothly in a district’s technology ecosystem,” said Chris Porter, CEO of Follett School Solutions. “MasterLibrary’s commitment to streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and managing costs speaks directly to the everyday realities of school administrators. Its user-friendly approach and seamless integration of data across various platforms ensure the ease-of-use and reliability that districts need.”

MasterLibrary by Follett School Solutions provides a best-in-class suite of solutions and services to support facilities management, such as all-in-one facility scheduling, work orders management, fees processing, rental and reservation software built specifically for K-12, and the management of asset inventory, communication, preventative maintenance schedules, project and capital planning, and more.

Additionally, ML Drawings® revolutionizes asset tracking by enabling school administrators to swiftly access, edit, and customize their floor plan drawings. As an integrated asset mapping tool, it allows users to create a dynamic, graphical view of assets categorized by location and type, effectively transforming static drawings into interactive floor plans.

“We are excited to become a part of the Follett School Solutions family and extend MasterLibrary’s ability to support more districts everywhere,” said MasterLibrary Founder and President Thomas Rauscher. “With the increasing emphasis on improved communications, time savings, reduction in costs, and enhanced reporting, facilities management is becoming more crucial than ever.”

MasterLibrary’s cloud-based applications easily integrate with other K-12 platforms and offer simple, clean, customizable visual dashboards for real-time insights into the status of all spaces and assets within a district’s facilities.

“This acquisition expands our ability to support more schools and districts, and is a result of our commitment to technology innovation in K-12,” Porter stated. “The expanding Follett School Solutions ecosystem empowers a wide range of educational professionals – from superintendents and CTOs to librarians, teachers, and CFOs. This comprehensive suite has grown to include the Follett Destiny® Library and Resource Management Suite, Accessit Library, Aspen Student Information System, Destiny Fundraising Manager, Destiny District Classroom Library Manager, and now the MasterLibrary solutions.”

Since 1873, educators have relied on Follett as a trusted partner in K-12 solutions and resources. By offering a wide range of educational technology solutions, Follett School Solutions aids educators in enhancing interactions with essential stakeholders, optimizing their workflows to save valuable time, cutting unnecessary expenses, and bringing together critical data to facilitate more efficient sharing and decision-making.

Source: PR Newswire