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Go1 Acquires Coorpacademy

Go1, one of the world’s largest corporate education content hubs, announced the acquisition of Coorpacademy, an innovative e-learning platform and content library with a multinational customer base. With offices in France and Switzerland, Coorpacademy will support Go1’s growth plans for Europe, a notable region expanding its large corporate learning market, and its already vast offerings of digital learning and education resources.

This integration will focus on augmenting existing products and content libraries to ensure that a variety of users have content that fits the needs of their customers. With nearly one million users already utilizing Coorpacademy’s current offering, its integration into Go1 will accelerate professional growth and development, and support Go1’s mission to the dedication of lifelong learning. Additionally, this acquisition will enhance Go1’s existing roots in Europe and extend the e-learning content library in the region to support the growing demand for quality content.

This latest acquisition presents a big opportunity for Go1 and moves the needle closer to its goal of reaching one billion learners globally. It also highlights the company’s commitment to continuing its momentum of steady growth following its $200M Series D funding round in July 2021. As Go1 continues to scale globally as a leader in the corporate education space, the company plans to focus its expansion in the US and Europe but looks forward to the opportunities of reaching and impacting new regions in the future.

“Go1’s unique approach to learning and development through curated playlists makes this company and leadership team an ideal partner for Coorpacademy,” said Jean-Marc Tassetto, Coorpacademy’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Not only is this a great opportunity for our two companies to come together to make corporate education accessible to millions of learners, but it adds value for existing customers that are prioritizing and expanding their learning and development resources. We are looking forward to building the future of L&D with Go1.”

Source: Globe Newswire