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iLearningEngines Acquires in2vate

iLearningEngines Inc, an enterprise software leader in AI powered learning automation has acquired in2vate LLC, a risk management and learning platform provider. Their clients provide coverage for liability, workers compensation, healthcare, law enforcement, and cyber security sectors. In2vate serves more than two million users delivering high impact risk management programs and services to enterprises, educational institutions, health systems and law enforcement organizations.  iLearningEngines’ AI and learning automation platform enables enterprises to productize their enterprise knowledge and drive business outcomes at scale.

iLearningEngines is a market leader in combining AI algorithms with highly specialized data sets to diagnose or predict deficiencies in knowledge and deliver in-process learning prescriptions to each individual at scale. Our proprietary technology seamlessly complements in2vate’s industry expertise and together, we are perfectly poised to offer the most comprehensive learning automation solutions to clients across industries,” said Harish Chidambaran, CEO of iLearningEngines.

“iLE and in2vate have worked closely together supporting mission critical risk management initiatives in multiple large enterprises. The move to acquire in2vate is a natural extension of our shared synergies and partnership,” said Bala Krishnan, President and Chief Business Officer of iLearningEngines.

Source: Businesswire