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Imagine Learning Acquires CueThink 

Enhancing AI-Powered Problem-Solving and Collaboration for K-12

According to a press release, Imagine Learning, the largest national provider of digital curriculum solutions serving over 15 million students and one million educators, announced the acquisition of CueThink, an AI-powered problem-solving and collaboration platform designed to improve students’ critical thinking skills. This acquisition is pivotal as it addresses the growing need to prepare students for real-world challenges in the age of AI.

Addressing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills in Education
In today’s educational landscape, moving beyond rote memorization and standardized testing is crucial — research shows that critical thinking is a key skill for success. According to the World Economic Forum, critical thinking and problem-solving are among the top skills needed for the future workforce. As AI continues to evolve, the ability to think critically will be essential for navigating and leveraging these technologies effectively.

CueThink’s structured, four-phase approach (Explore, Plan, Solve, Review) breaks down complex problems into manageable steps, which ensures that students become active problem-solvers capable of adapting to diverse challenges and future AI-driven environments.

Integration with Imagine Learning
“We welcome CueThink to Imagine Learning as we continue to invest in AI-enabled education and curriculum tools,” said Jonathan Grayer, Chairman and CEO of Imagine Learning. “Our focus is clear: to employ a range of artificial intelligence innovations that positively impact teaching, learning, and parental involvement. CueThink’s innovative approach to problem-solving and collaboration is transformative, and we are excited to see how these tools will enhance our curriculum offerings and improve educational outcomes.”

CueThink provides:

  • Personalized interventions: real-time, adaptive scaffolds designed to promote desired behaviors and positive outcomes
  • Innovative assessments and reports: new methods to measure engagement, creativity, and student thought processes
  • AI supports: AI technology providing metacognitive training and interactive chat tools to help guide educators

Imagine Learning plans to initially incorporate CueThink’s application within its math offerings, supporting its commitment to High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM). Additionally, Imagine Learning will integrate CueThink’s AI-powered technology across other disciplines, focusing on collaborative social learning experiences. This integration will enable Imagine Learning to offer a peer-to-peer social element within its curriculum for the first time.

Sheela Sethuraman, CEO of CueThink, said, “CueThink was designed with utmost consideration for students and their unique strengths. Our solution enables all students to fully express their creativity, collaborate with peers, and become confident problem solvers — while also guiding and empowering educators. We’re thrilled to join Imagine Learning, a leader in personalized learning, and look forward to collaborating with them to drive positive outcomes through inclusive R&D approaches and the power of AI.”

Source: Business Wire