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Improv 2 Improve Changes Classrooms Through Play

Improv 2 Improve (i2i) is on a mission to create joy-filled classrooms with play at their center. i2i’s classroom game packs provide children with brain breaks while creating an avenue for social emotional learning (SEL). Students have so much fun they don’t realize they’re learning at the same time.

Co-creators Lisa Poskanzer, Paula ReeseHart and Kathleen (Kat) Kenny bring their years of experience in education and improv together to create a classroom experience that shifts the dynamics of engagement and learning. i2i has been implemented in schools throughout Florida with great success. Using improvisational techniques, Improv 2 Improve teaches students and teachers that failure is not a source of shame, but a gateway to learning something new. i2i coined the phrase “Fail Fabulously!” as a reminder that mistakes are opportunities, not obstacles. i2i games promote social emotional learning while students benefit from the joy of play.

“Improv 2 Improve creates happy, joyful classrooms for children and teachers who are allowed to fail fabulously on the road to social emotional health and well-being,” says Lisa Poskanzer, co-creator of Improv 2 Improve and its Director of Joy. “Our games can be played across grade levels and content areas. Using these games in the classroom reduces bullying, minimizes anxiety and creates a happy, healthy learning environment for everyone. It’s serious business!”

Source: Businesswire