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IMU Partners with Fusionex

Fusionex has partnered with International Medical University (IMU) in a mutual collaborative program known as Personalized Learning Analytics. This pilot program aims to improve student learning experiences and teaching effectiveness by leveraging breakthrough digital technologies. This partnership opens up avenues for both organisations to create a differentiated, next generation edutech learning platform for future students.

Powered by cutting-edge big data analytics and AI, this program will identify student learning behaviour and performance, based on which personalised feedback and support can be provided to students to help them achieve their learning goals. This initiative aspires to empower students with insights into their progress as a means of encouraging autonomous academic motivation and bolstering engagement with the teaching faculty.

The Personalised Learning Analytics produces insights and foresights garnered from metrics and patterns in students’ professionalism, learning engagement, assignments and other benchmarks. This will enable IMU to gain a deeper understanding of overall academic performances and facilitate the development of learning strategies and targeted interventions to improve grades.

“Fusionex is proud and honored to be collaborating with IMU to create tailored learning experiences for students and provide educators with the digital tools needed to guide their students. It is my hope that this initiative will enable the teaching staff to understand the challenges these students face in order to complement existing techniques, build on student experiences and accommodate each student’s unique method of learning. We look forward to working alongside what is clearly a very committed and driven partner in IMU, to help students transform into the leading doctors, surgeons, pharmacists and healthcare professionals of tomorrow,” said Fusionex Group CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh.

Source: Businesswire