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Khan Academy and Stand Together Trust Unleash the Power of Technology to Transform Education Through Strategic Partnership

Stand Together Trust Commits $20Min Multi-Year Commitment to Support Innovation  

Stand Together Trust and Khan AcademySchoolhouse.worldand Khan Lab School  announced a five-year strategic partnership to provide personalized, mastery-based education for learners and educators everywhere. The $20M commitment from Stand Together Trust will enable Khan Academy,, and Khan Lab School to continue to innovate with new technologies to be on the cutting edge of transforming education. 

Through this partnership, Stand Together Trust and Khan Academy will empower schools, educators, and parents to drive innovation by providing a cutting-edge, flexible platform that makes public schools more personalized through mastery-based education, while giving leaders in the unconventional school space a strong foundation from which they can launch their own revolutionary visions for education.

Over the next five years, the Khan Academy platform will expand to reach millions of new students in the United States with new content and resources for teachers, while building additional success resources and support for education entrepreneurs and school districts, advancing mastery-based learning by:

  • Harnessing the power of technology, like A.I., to foster interactive and personalized learning and teaching experiences and bring it to every classroom.
  • Strengthening and enhancing core courses to improve educational outcomes for all learners.
  • Widely sharing innovative educational resources with students, parents, and teachers.

“Khan Academy exists to open opportunities for all,” said founder and CEO Sal Khan. “We are excited to be able to accelerate our work at this unique moment because we see enormous potential in artificial intelligence. When we carefully adapt A.I. for a learning environment, personalization, and mastery-based learning can reach whole new levels.”

In 2023, Khan Academy launched Khanmigo, an A.I.- powered Socratic guide that is a tutor for students and an assistant for teachers. Khanmigo intelligently and dynamically engages students in learning while also saving teachers time so that they can focus on the very human work of instructing a classroom full of students. 

“Stand Together Trust is excited to continue our partnership with Khan Academy to give families the freedom, flexibility, and confidence to pick and choose and supplement the education that works best for their individual children,” said Derek Johnson, Executive Director, Stand Together Trust. “Stand Together Trust and Sal Khan share a vision for education that transforms the status quo so that every learner, parent, teacher, microschool, homeschool, public school, or school district can access a truly world-class, mastery-based education.”

Every learner has unique skills and deserves an education that helps them identify their gifts, master those skills, and reach their fullest potential. Students need this support now.  National math and reading scores in the U.S. hit historic lows in 2022. Recent data from the U.S. shows the pandemic has erased two decades of progress in math and reading, with the largest drops ever recorded in 4th- and 8th-grade math.

The evidence that Khan Academy is an effective solution is clear—Khan Academy helps to close deep learning gaps and drive learning gains.

Led by education innovator Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, Khan Lab SchoolKhan Lab School Wichita, and, the Khan Academy mastery-based learning model celebrates each individual student and ignites their love of learning by empowering them to own their educational experience, at a pace that’s right for them. Unlike traditional learning, students in mastery-learning classrooms are not pushed ahead in lockstep, which can cause the accumulation of gaps in knowledge. By enhancing the capabilities of Khan Academy,, and Khan Lab School, there will be a portable, flexible, and customizable education option for families.

Source: PR Newswire