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New Survey: More than 70% of Higher Education Administrators Have a Favorable View of AI Despite Low Adoption To-Date

A new report released by Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, reveals that despite the recognized benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its use in higher education is not as widespread as perceived. The comprehensive survey conducted with 1,140 U.S. higher education administrators from 768 institutions uncovers a significant opportunity, highlighting gaps between the perceived prevalence of AI and the actual reported usage by individuals.

New Survey: More than 70% of Higher Education Administrators Have a Favorable View of AI Despite Low Adoption To-Date

Key Findings:

  • 60% of administrators claim their institution uses AI functionality, but less than one third of higher education professionals have experience using AI at work.
  • About half of respondents expect that the positive effects of AI will span the student experience, from better supporting the student journey to improving student outcomes at their institution. 
  • Almost 48% of respondents say they have yet to utilize AI in their personal or professional capacities.
  • 30% of staff report “advanced” or “extensive” use of data analytics and data-driven decision-making.
  • Main barriers to AI adoption include data security concerns, the need for AI training programs, and ethical implications.
  • Institutional Research and Analytics, Admissions and Advising were identified as the three business functions across higher education that could benefit the most from AI integration.
  • Less than a third of institutions have initiated conversations about the ethical implications of AI in higher education.

“The findings of our survey highlight the untapped potential of AI in higher education,” said Jeff Dinski, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer, Ellucian. “While there is a clear gap between the perceived and actual use of AI, our data shows that over 70% of respondents view AI favorably. This indicates a promising future for AI in enhancing efficiency, staying abreast with technological advances, and better supporting students and outcomes. At Ellucian, we believe we have a role to play in facilitating this transition, helping institutions navigate the process of adopting and leveraging AI technologies for increased effectiveness.”

Source: PR Newswire