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NoRedInk Rolls Out Benchmarking Solution to Help Schools Track Student Writing Growth

NoRedInk, a provider of adaptive online writing curriculum used in more than 60 percent of U.S. school districts, now offers a powerful way for educators to measure student writing growth across a school or district. NoRedInk Benchmarks deliver standards-aligned assessments that help school and district administrators track student progress against internal goals and state standards, identify opportunities for timely interventions, and adjust curriculum and instructional practices responsively.

School and district leaders can choose from a library of pre-made Benchmarks, customize one to their unique needs, or build one from scratch. Pre-made Benchmarks assess specific skills that are aligned with state and national standards for grades 5-12. Once students complete an initial Benchmark, leaders can view performance data broken down by topic, student, teacher, and school. After students complete a follow-up Benchmark, leaders gain access to growth data for each segment, as well.

Evaluating student writing growth has been a long-standing challenge for many schools. Building a bespoke benchmarking solution from the ground up is time-consuming and resource-intensive, whereas purchasing a tool specifically for benchmarking is costly and limits customizability.As a result, schools end up using end-of-year standardized assessments to gauge growth. This not only precludes interventionary action, but it promotes an exceedingly narrow view of student progress. NoRedInk Benchmarks provide a streamlined alternative by enabling schools to consolidate benchmarking, writing practice, and remediation in a single platform.

“Benchmarks give curriculum and instructional leaders a way to understand the areas of strength and opportunities for improvement that exist across their schools and respond in an efficient, targeted way,” says Jeff Scheur, founder and CEO of NoRedInk. “This lets them take an active role in ensuring each student gets the support they need, when they need it.”

Source: Businesswire