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NSTA Announces 2024 List of Top Science Trade Books for K-12 Students

The National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), in conjunction with the Children’s Book Council, has released its annual list of “Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12: 2024.” The list represents the best science trade books published in 2023 for kindergarten through 12th grade students. NSTA and CBC have collaborated on the list of Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students since 1973 in an effort to help science educators and family members access quality books that support learning in science. In addition to the NSTA and CBC websites, the list will appear in the January/February issues of NSTA’s elementary, middle level, and high school journals for teachers.

Members of a book review panel made up of science educators and literacy professionals, appointed by NSTA, selected 41 books for the list from a roster of 251 submissions. The list of winning titles includes topics that range from prairie dogs to pie. The review panel used rigorous guidelines to select the top books. Criteria include the amount of science content; presentation of material in a clear, accurate, and up-to-date manner; avoidance of over-simplification; the use of data to support generalizations; and freedom from gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic bias. The panel also considers appropriate content level for the intended audience and the accuracy of illustrations.

“This year’s list of Outstanding Science Trade Books provides a treasure trove of resources for educators and parents looking for quality books that can reinforce literacy skills while supporting science learning,” said Erika Shugart, Ph.D., CEO and Executive Director of NSTA. “These books inspire students to read. They include engaging stories, relatable characters, vivid illustrations, and thought-provoking language that will stimulate the minds of children as they explore the wonders of science.”

Source: Businesswire