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Osmo from BYJU’S Appoints Jonathan Naseath Chief Operating Officer 

Award-winning STEAM brand Osmo from BYJU’S announces Jonathan Naseath’s appointment as Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately. With extensive experience in finance and operations, Naseath, CPA, CFE and CISA, will further Osmo’s global growth, creating operational excellence across the company and scaling the company’s vision of making a broader impact to education.

 Jonathan Naseath headshot
Osmo from BYJU’S appoints Jonathan Naseath as Chief Operating Officer. Naseath will lead Osmo’s transformation in global operations, including supply chain, logistics and finance across various business verticals. (Photo: Osmo from BYJU’S)

Naseath arrives at Osmo from Google Cloud, where he served as Cloud Value Advisor Senior Principal, and assisted the office of Google Cloud CFO to define the financial opportunity of cloud digital transformation. Between 2016 and 2017, Naseath was Chief Financial Officer and Head of Operations at ZoomSystems, the private subsidiary of Macquarie Capital which provides SaaS, services, and hardware to enable automated retail, where he oversaw accounting policies and financial reporting for its publicly traded parent. Between 2018 and 2020, Naseath was Chief Financial Officer and Transformation Leader at PCH International, which provides supply chain distribution and software as a service (SaaS) platforms to leading global brands. He advised on matters ranging from developing and implementing cash strategies, to overseeing global accounting, financial reporting, tax, compliance and regulatory teams. He also served as Chief Financial Officer and Transformation Program Leader at Terafina, which provides financial services SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to help banks with omni-channel customer acquisition and operations. There, he provided strategic planning and advised on the research, development, and implementation of innovative strategies and programs to facilitate capital raising and enable a future sale of the company.

“Jon is an energetic and passionate executive who will help take Osmo and Powered by Osmo businesses to the next level by solving complex issues of large scale organization management such as supply chain, logistics, finance, and creating centers of excellence,” says Cherian Thomas, Senior Vice President of International Business at Osmo from BYJU’S. “Furthermore, Jon will be instrumental in setting up our multidisciplinary teams for success in carrying out Osmo’s vision for the future.”

“I believe the education sector is undergoing a major paradigm shift,” says Naseath, a father of five school-aged children whose interest in early education was inspired by educators in his family. “Being so involved with my kids’ education during the past two years, I witnessed how we moved from in-person education to a hybrid learning environment, which I believe is here to stay. The time is ripe for Osmo to widely disseminate its unique phygital technology that will further drive resounding changes in the entire learning sector.”

Source: Businesswire