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Penji Releases Mobile-First Platform for Campus-Wide Student Support

Penji, the mobile-first peer tutoring platform supporting 55 colleges and more than 100,000 students, announced the release of Penji Student Support. The new platform facilitates campus-wide support by connecting students to advisors, mentors, tutors, coaches and counselors through a single interface, while also delivering actionable insights to administrators.

Unlike most university scheduling platforms on the market that use legacy technology, Penji Student Support features a simple, modern mobile-first interface. Penji is designed to connect students to tutors and advisors who can help them master material, gain emotional support, navigate the challenges of college and achieve success. Penji represents a “one-stop-shop” for students to engage with services, handling all logistics, such as profiles, scheduling, data tracking, and feedback collection across appointment, drop-in and group modes. For admins, the platform offers an integrated student history view, shared notes, and referrals between different service centers.

The Penji admin dashboard delivers actionable insights on student behavior by collecting and consolidating raw, campus-wide data from a diverse group of centers into a single data set with a streamlined school or district-level views. A unified, chronological view of student interactions with different support centers provides an easy way to deeply understand an individual student. Zooming out, aggregated datasets including student GPAs allow program admins to correlate support usage with impact.

“Working with Penji Student Support has allowed us to streamline the operations of nine different support centers,” said Kelli Listenbee, director of learning support services at Arkansas State. “While this has been great for students, the uniform format data has also made it easy for us to analyze impact on persistence for each program.”

Administrators can customize “communities” to meet the needs of tutoring, advising, coaching, supplemental instruction, financial aid, mentoring, career counseling and more. Although each community has its own admin management, configuration and data, students can easily swap between them to schedule appointments or otherwise engage with those services. Campus-wide search capabilities make it easy for students to find support options across communities when an option isn’t available in their chosen community.

Source: Businesswire