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Propello Named to State of Oregon’s Adopted Instructional Materials List

The Oregon State Board of Education has named Propello‘s inquiry-driven middle school science curriculum to the state’s approved Adopted Science Instructional Materials List. The list of High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) is designed to facilitate equitable access to first-class learning experiences for all students and classrooms.

Propello, the Texas-based edtech startup, offers an affordable teaching and learning platform that includes hands-on labs, activities, and project-based learning that teachers can modify based on the unique needs of their students to create more personalized and engaging learning experiences. Oregon classrooms are expected to implement the latest updated science materials by Fall 2024.

Oregon’s Adopted Science Instructional Materials List denotes each of the adopted classroom tools and materials that have gone through a rigorous review process and are standards-aligned, culturally responsive, and reflect evidence-based practices. Propello gives districts and teachers the keys to unlock student-centered and inquiry-driven learning through the 5E model of instruction. This builds curiosity and engagement while ensuring students are active participants in the learning journey. Collaboratively and individually, students work to develop understanding through a variety of avenues as they explore, investigate, and build real-world applications of knowledge. Regarding the merits and value of inquiry-based learning, the 2022 Oregon Science Standards found that “Research shows that a cultural perspective can transform learning experiences to be more engaging and meaningful for learners. This is a fundamental shift from learning about a science topic to figuring out why or how something happens.”

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the state’s adopted materials list and for the opportunity to empower teachers with engaging, inquiry-driven materials at a price that is accessible for virtually any district,” said Hubert Kjellberg, CEO and founder of Propello. “That is what Propello is all about – giving all students the opportunity to build knowledge and understanding through curiosity and engagement, not lecture and memorization.”

“A strong foundation in science, rooted in curiosity, has never been more essential,” said Amanda Bratten, Vice President of Content and Curriculum at Propello and a former teacher. “Not only because of the skills and competencies that doing science can develop in our students but because the knowledge gained while exploring our world has the potential to help us engage more thoroughly in other subjects and areas of interest.”

Source: PR Newswire