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ReadSpeaker Becomes Text-to-Speech Certified Integration for Moodle Workplace

ReadSpeaker, the most trusted, independent and worldwide digital voice and text-to-speech provider announced that it is now a Certified Integration Partner for Moodle Workplace, a learning management system for corporations and other organizations. With this partnership, employees going through training provided by their employer can listen to content directly within the Moodle Workplace LMS anywhere, any time, and on any device, and they can select from hundreds of different voices in nearly 70 languages.

Moodle is the world’s leading learning platform with more than 360 million users in education and enterprise learning management. Moodle Workplace, which is specifically designed for corporate training, has a long and successful history of being the platform of choice for employee onboarding, compliance training, and other forms of employee training.

“As a global LMS platform, Moodle recognizes the growing need for enhanced textual support across all aspects of education and training,” said Carles Aguiló-Collado, Technology Partner Manager at Moodle. “ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech and additional tools add to Moodle Workplace’s functionality and play a vital role in fostering effective communication during the training process. They ensure that learners remain engaged and comprehend the intended message, allowing all subsequent activities and training efforts to build upon a solid foundation of understanding.”

ReadSpeaker is equally respected as a TTS technology that makes learning content more engaging and accessible. ReadSpeaker voice technology resources let learners select from a variety of voices, languages, and dialects. They can personalize the reading speed, select highlighting, font, text size and color of their preference, and also use features to help them concentrate more easily, such as page masking.

“All learners including those who need accommodations and those who don’t benefit from the customizable features, multiple languages, and the voice technology ReadSpeaker provides,” said Roy Lindemann, Chief Marketing Officer for ReadSpeaker. “Moodle Workplace offers best-in-class learning tools for the corporate workplace and ReadSpeaker is proud to be the selected text-to-speech integration for their learning management system.”

In many industries, it is especially important to have TTS and multiple language offerings. In the hospitality industry for example, seventy percent of workers’ primary language is not English. Workers in all industries and from all levels of employment need continuous training and certification. Having ReadSpeaker embedded in their training platform makes it much easier for them to be successful in their training programs.

Source; PR Web