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School Wellbeing Solutions, a leader in education and leadership development, is expanding its reach to more school districts nationwide

School Wellbeing Solutions, a trailblazer in the realm of education and leadership development is expanding to school districts nationwide in supporting the well-being and retention of leaders, teachers, and staff. With a mission rooted in authenticity, impact, and partnership, the company stands as a beacon of positive change in the education sector.

What sets School Wellbeing Solutions apart is its distinctive approach. Unlike conventional programs focusing solely on symptomatic issues like student achievement and behavior, School Wellbeing Solutions (SWBS) adopts a systemic approach, addressing staff wellbeing, leadership team dynamics, and systemic stressors. Based on the conviction that the well-being of leaders profoundly influences outcomes, the company helps create systems that foster increased staff engagement, retention, job satisfaction, connection to colleagues, reduced sick days, and yes, improved student outcomes. At the heart of School Wellbeing Solutions is a team of research-based practitioners and experts in wellbeing, positive psychology, education, facilitation, and data analysis. But the company doesn’t do the work for schools – it empowers leaders with the tools to create healthy systems according to their unique vision. This unique blend of skills and approaches contributes to the remarkable outcomes the company achieves.

Dave Gentile, superintendent of Ewing Public Schools says this about his team’s experience with School Wellbeing Solutions: “I think that most professional development will tell you that the answer you’re looking for is out there and we’re going to give it to you. We’re the solution as the provider. This isn’t that. This is empowering others to find the answers and solutions within. The solutions are all there. To not only enjoy the work but to enjoy the company of each other. Being a better human being, and also being more productive. All those answers exist in all of us if you know how to tap into them. And that’s what I think this training does that no others do.”

“We’re beyond a standalone training; we’re an opportunity to workshop with colleagues in a way many have never done,” says Founder Martín Blank, emphasizing the collaborative and transformative nature of their programs.

In just 12 months, School Wellbeing Solutions expanded its reach from three to 20 school districts across the United States. In a New Jersey resilience journey district, participants showed astounding outcomes:

  • 100% reporting more enjoyable and productive team interactions.
  • 95% reporting increased connectedness in building positive workplace cultures.
  • 95% reporting improved relationships with self (the core of all leadership traits).
  • 88% reporting marked improvement in personal resilience.
  • 88% reporting greater work-life harmony.

Blank reflects on the evolution of School Wellbeing Solutions. Starting as a teacher and evolving into an administrator, vendor, consultant, and positive psychology researcher, Blank identified a critical pattern—the interconnectedness of student outcomes, teacher performance, and leader wellbeing. This realization led to the creation of the Resilience Journey, designed to empower leaders to authentically engage with their teams and enhance their own well-being and team dynamics. “Happy adults are a school’s most valuable resource. Parents ultimately want to send their children to a school where teachers and staff are happy and engaged. That’s because happy people have the capacity to care for others. We are ready to be an integral part of any school district serious about strategic initiatives for leader and staff wellbeing and retention,” Martín Blank states

School Wellbeing Solutions is the go-to choice for staff wellbeing and retention. Their innovative, data-based approach stands as the antithesis of traditional training, helping to build workplaces that attract and retain top talent, starting with healthy leadership teams. One of their core values is that positive psychology, powered by engaging, conversation-style training and coaching and a deep care for the human behind the employee holds the key to transformational change in schools. Results in every partner district show that investing in School Wellbeing Solutions pays off through improved relationships, staff engagement, wellbeing, and retention measures. School Wellbeing Solutions envisions a future where all districts and schools prioritize staff and teacher wellbeing. With district clients in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, plans include leveraging partnerships with master facilitators, adding a suite of asynchronous offerings, offering train-the-trainer programs, and establishing certification programs for resilient leadership in partnership with universities.

Source: PR Web