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SchoolMint Acquires Enrollhand 

SchoolMint®, the leading provider of Strategic Enrollment Management for K-12 education, announced it has completed the acquisition of Enrollhand, a leading provider of highly-customized and personalized marketing solutions for K-12 schools and districts. Through the acquisition, SchoolMint can better help schools and districts attract and enroll more students and families and retain them for years to come.

Enrollhand and SchoolMint logo annoucement
Supercharge student enrollment with customized digital marketing that works! (Graphic: Business Wire)

The addition of Enrollhand allows SchoolMint to innovate further and expand the impact of Strategic Enrollment Management in K-12. Strategic Enrollment Management helps schools and districts stabilize and strengthen their year-over-year enrollment by focusing on attracting and enrolling more students and families and retaining them for years to come. According to SchoolMint’s Chief Enrollment Officer, Nick LeRoy, “SchoolMint has long been seen as the leader in school enrollment, including strategic marketing and branding. With Enrollhand, SchoolMint is ready to offer this capability at scale.”

“We are thrilled to be joining the SchoolMint team,” said Enrollhand Co-Founder Alexis Marinopoulos. “Enrollhand and SchoolMint already serve many of the same customers, and we have been asked many times about working more closely together. Our customers will experience a truly comprehensive solution that brings together everything schools need to attract more families and teachers.”

“Enrollhand has perfected a unique, highly-personalized approach to helping schools quickly improve their branding and marketing efforts in a way that fits into school budgets,” Enrollhand Co-Founder Andreas Marinopoulos added. “We are confident that SchoolMint is the best home for the Enrollhand team, and this combination will allow us to serve our customers better than ever.”

Source: Businesswire