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SchoolStatus Announces Acquisition of ClassTag

SchoolStatus, a leader in K-12 data and communications, announced the acquisition of ClassTag, a unified family communication and engagement platform for educators, schools, and districts. This strategic acquisition expands SchoolStatus’ current offerings with a robust communications app that enables sharing of essential student-level data in streamlined and easy-to-use ways. ClassTag’s smart messages reach all families based on their preferred channel (SMS, email, app, web or paper) automatically translated into 100+ languages. Seeing all relevant student information in one place helps families stay informed and get involved. Based in New York, ClassTag is a unified family engagement platform used by over 5 million families. The platform enables teachers to efficiently communicate and coordinate with families and provides school and district leaders with insights on effective ways to build school-home connections that improve student outcomes.

SchoolStatus will acquire ClassTag in its entirety, including its operations and technology. ClassTag basic free users will continue to have access to the same great products and services they currently use. The technology will be seamlessly integrated to expand and enhance SchoolStatus’ current data and school-home communications platform, promising an even more user-friendly family-teacher communications experience. Through a powerful combination of data and communications, SchoolStatus supports meaningful conversations and relationships between school and home about the topics that matter most to student success.

The acquisition rounds out SchoolStatus’ suite of communication solutions, meeting the evolving needs of educators, schools, districts and families to cover the full spectrum of school-home communication. SchoolStatus currently offers options for two-way texting, phone calls, print letters, and email. Integrating ClassTag’s technology will add a mobile app for families as an additional option for SchoolStatus partners. Together with Smore‘s newsletter capabilities and Operoo‘s digital forms and workflow automation, the acquisition of ClassTag will enable SchoolStatus to offer more options for school districts to reach every family through their preferred channel.

“Engaged families help students succeed,” said Russ Davis, SchoolStatus Founder and CEO. “The SchoolStatus platform empowers educators to reach families with the right message, through the right channel, at the right time to have the greatest impact on student outcomes. ClassTag gives us the foundation for a family and teacher experience that centralizes the most relevant data about students for families in a way that is easy for teachers to use. We’re pairing this technology with our vast experience in data integration to power the most important messages home to families: How are students performing? Are they showing up to school? Are they on track?”

“Reaching families has never been more difficult–between information overload on smartphones, challenges at home, and a lack of visibility into what works,” said Vlada Lotkina, Co-Founder and CEO of ClassTag. “ClassTag provides teachers and families with a simple, integrated communications platform to stay connected on what’s happening with students. We’re excited to be teaming up with SchoolStatus to offer innovative solutions that will help set students up for success by supporting meaningful, data-informed school-home communication.”