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Terra Dotta Introduces Study Abroad Starter to Support Global Engagement for Smaller Programs

Terra Dotta, a leading global engagement education technology provider, announced the launch of Study Abroad Starter, a new turnkey solution that offers smaller institutions the tools needed to streamline Study Abroad program management leaving more time for student advising. This new tier of Terra Dotta’s global platform is designed with small study abroad offices in mind, packaging a simplified suite of solutions and services to make Study Abroad program management more accessible.

Through Study Abroad Starter, institutions can leverage key functionality from Terra Dotta’s best in class Study Abroad solution with easier deployment to get small offices up and running quickly with minimal IT requirements. Because Study Abroad Starter streamlines workflows and automates tasks, institutions can increase their students’ accessibility to global engagement and spend more time advising students.

To support Study Abroad program growth and management, Study Abroad Starter, enables smaller schools to:

●     Streamline the application experience, provide easier student access, and eliminate paper-based processes by aligning forms to fit every program’s needs.
●     Empower more students than ever to study abroad with Terra Dotta’s suite of solutions designed to grow with you as you expand your global footprint.
●     Analyze program success and provide greater visibility into enrollment numbers, programs, and share reports with university staff.

“Higher ed institutions with smaller offices have to be conscious of their time, resources and budgets but still need the best solutions to truly maximize the impact of their study abroad programs,” said Anthony Rotoli, CEO of Terra Dotta. “To help those offices have more time to reach students we’re offering the best of both worlds – the power of Terra Dotta’s most important tools in Study Abroad in a simplified solution that’s within budget. ”

Source: PR Web