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The Impact of State Politics on Enrollment

Plus, good news from two very different colleges. Plus, South Arkansas College MarComm team takes home hardware. Plus, DePaul looks for MarComm Dean.

Issue 10

Does State Political Climate Influence College Application and Acceptance Choices?

The answer seems obvious — probably. Though I am not sure what colleges can do about it.

Not only do colleges physically exist within states with unwelcoming, even hostile, politics and policy, many of these same states have taken action to be sure that colleges can’t even claim to be a reasonable oasis in a hostile desert. It’s a tough spot. And this week, Inside Higher Ed took a look at the issue.

The finding is in the article sub-headline:

Research shows that students care a great deal about the policies of the state in which they attend college, especially on issues like gun control and abortion.

On cue, the newspaper in Tucson, Arizona has a story about how the state’s “loose gun laws” may hurt enrollments. The article cites a proposed new state law:

The bill, which is known as SB 1198, states that “the governing board of any university, college or community college shall not enact of enforce any policy or rule that prohibits the possession of a concealed weapon” by someone who carries a valid permit.

Enrollment Success at Two Schools

Pomona College in California recently released details on its new freshmen class — the class of 2028, if you can believe it.

The school says it admitted 811 students in the class and that they were:

selected from the largest applicant pool in the College’s history

Pomona is a private, liberal-arts college. So, something is working.

Meanwhile, in Illinois, Sauk Valley Community College also reported upward application and admissions numbers.

According to coverage there:

Enrollment at Sauk Valley Community College increased by 5.5% from spring 2023 to spring 2024, according to the Illinois Community College Board’s Spring 2024 Enrollment Report released Wednesday.

In total, 1,528 students enrolled as spring students at Sauk Valley Community College for fiscal 2024. Of those, 1,081 students enrolled as transfers. The second most popular option was career and technical education (444), which is an instructional area that is primarily dependent on in-person instruction.

A few nuggets to unpack there as well.

Marketing and Comms at South Arkansas College Wins Awards

The MarComm folks at South Arkansas College took home some glittery hardware recently, winning “top prize in four different categories in the 39th Annual Educational Advertising Awards.”

From the story:

The national competition seeks to recognize outstanding work in the marketing of schools and educational services. The 39th contest recognized winners in 54 different categories subdivided into groups based on institution size, with designations for Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit.

Congratulations to the team.

DePaul University Seeks Assistant Dean of Marketing & Communications

DePaul University in Chicago has posted a job notice for an Assistant Dean, Marketing & Communications in their college of business.

Among the perks listed in the job advertisement is:

Working for a stable and well-known University that values diversity and inclusion.

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