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UiPath Partners with Coursera

UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, announced a partnership with Coursera, one of the largest online learning platforms in the world, to offer best-in-class automation education courses from UiPath to the over 92 million registered learners on Coursera.

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Specialization and Step into RPA course from UiPath on Coursera build comprehensive knowledge and professional-level skills in developing and deploying UiPath software robots. The six-course, online Specialization begins with an introduction to UiPath and basic concepts of RPA, then augments that foundation with RPA design and development strategies and methodologies using UiPath platform solutions. The RPA Specialization creates competence for both business and technical users in designing and building automated solutions for business processes and prepares learners for the UiPath Certified RPA Associate exam.

According to the Coursera 2021 Impact Report, 81% of learners on Coursera in emerging markets reported achieving career benefits such as earning a raise or promotion or starting a new career, while 71% of learners overall reported achieving those career benefits. In addition, as organizations seek to retain workers and attract new employees in a highly competitive labor market, a recent UiPath survey of U.S. business executives found that 85% believe that incorporating automation and automation training into their organization will help them retain employees and attract new talent.

“As digital transformation sweeps across industries, employees need to learn the skills and emerging technologies required to compete and thrive professionally,” said Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer at Coursera. “To help learners prepare for this dynamic environment, we are pleased to welcome UiPath, a leader in the automation industry, to the Coursera partner community.”

The opportunity to gain UiPath automation skills through Coursera provides individuals with a new avenue toward professional development. Research from UiPath and Bain & Company reveals that 86% of employees want to use automation, but only 30% of business leaders give them access to it. Democratizing automation skills is also pertinent to organizations as they are challenged by technology fragmentation that slows the organization down.

CIOs are tackling this with enterprise automation strategies that allow various systems, apps, and software to co-exist for the benefit of employees and customers. Thus, as the use of automation multiplies in enterprises, roles for automation will continue to be in feverish demand worldwide.

“We are excited to partner with Coursera to foster high-quality, hands-on learning that can quickly build knowledge of the UiPath end-to-end automation platform,” said Tom Clancy, Senior Vice President of Learning at UiPath. “Democratizing access to technical skills around automation is a core value proposition at UiPath, and anyone can prepare to enter the automation field or advance their careers through this specialization. Our automation courses and professional certificate on Coursera will help narrow the skills gap in an automation-first world.”

Source: Businesswire