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Vice President of Enrollment Management Departs Allegheny College

Issue 5

Plus, did you know there’s a higher ed, marcom pod? Plus, digital ads boost enrollment at North Iowa Area Community College.

Did You Know There’s a Higher Ed MarCom Podcast?

Our friends at The Ed Up Experience have a separate podcast series dedicated to marketing and communications and enrollment.

It’s true.

The series has nearly two dozen shows with education marketing leaders inside and outside institutions and his hosted by Philip Smith:

Philip is the CEO of Education Marketing Agency, a student growth consultant and fractional CMO, lecturer in marketing and sales and has been a consultant and advisor to countless education providers.

Vice President of Enrollment Management Departs Allegheny College

According to this local news coverage, Ellen Johnson has left Allegheny College, where she was Vice President of Enrollment Management. Her next position was not announced.

The position will be filled in the interim by Scott Friedhoff who:

spent 11 years managing enrollment at the College of Wooster in central Ohio before retiring in the summer of 2021.

The article also says that:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Allegheny’s overall student body has shrunk by almost a third, from 1,820 in the fall of 2019 to 1,233 in the fall of 2023. The largest drops came just after Johnson joined the college — enrollment fell from 1,605 in fall 2021 to 1,381 in fall 2022, a drop of 224 or just under 14%.


Digital Ads and Community College Enrollment

Last month, Community College Daily ran an article on how digital ads were successfully being used to boost enrollments at North Iowa Area Community College.

It includes:

Last year, for example, the team redesigned the college’s application. As Staples likes to say, the marketing team created an “easy” button for students to apply to the college instead of making students scroll and read, then scroll some more and read even before getting to the application.

This first step was wildly successful, resulting in nearly a 13% increase in completed applications alone and turning around the downward trajectory of full-time students.

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