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VitalSource Launches Innovative Learning Tool

VitalSource® announced it has expanded and enhanced the Bookshelf platform with a cutting-edge learning tool designed to help improve student outcomes: Bookshelf CoachMe. Based on the proven learning science principle known as the “Doer Effect,” the groundbreaking tool adds relevant practice questions and knowledge checks aligned to learning objectives alongside thousands of eTexts within the Bookshelf platform — at no additional cost to students or institutions. Now, students can evaluate learning comprehension and identify areas in need of additional focus while they read and study.

“Our research team and developers have been working to enhance the digital learning environment for several years. We’re determined to combine proven, verified learning science with our powerful, best-in-class Bookshelf technology to create an experience that will have a real impact on student achievement,” said Mike Hale, Ph.D., Vice President of Education for VitalSource. “Bookshelf CoachMe marries affordability, access, and learning science in a way that only VitalSource can and we are tremendously excited to bring this capability to students around the globe and help make a difference in academic outcomes.”

For years, VitalSource® has studied the impact of the Doer Effect, a concept that confirms students who engage in practice while reading have higher learning gains. However, developing learning tools complete with the number of formative questions required for effective learning is time-consuming and expensive. VitalSource researchers studied the use of artificial intelligence to automatically generate questions, which proved to be equally as effective as human-generated questions in an award-winning paper.

“Having replicated the Doer Effect research using our Acrobatiq courseware, we wanted to find a way to make this Learn-by-Doing approach more accessible to students. Harnessing AI to generate the practice needed for the Doer Effect and creating the Bookshelf CoachMe feature democratizes this learning science approach,” said VitalSource Learning Science Specialist Rachel Van Campenhout, whose research on the Doer Effect in partnership with VitalSource Director of Research and Development Benny G. Johnson, Ph.D. has earned international accolades.

Bookshelf CoachMe’s AI-generated questions assist in prep, practice, and focus, helping students study more effectively, build confidence, and deepen subject matter expertise. Bookshelf CoachMe is powered by VitalSource’s SmartStart™ question-generation engine, which creates high-quality interactives for almost any eText, helping to make learning active instead of passive.

In 2018, VitalSource acquired learning and data analytics platform Acrobatiq, Inc., expanding VitalSource’s ability to harness data science and artificial intelligence to enable greater student achievement at scale. Since then, the company has been exploring how to leverage data science and AI across its platforms, enhancing the efficacy of its suite of tools and services and ultimately supporting higher academic achievement for all students.

“This isn’t just about an innovative technology, this is about leveling the playing field for students, creating something that can help them learn easier and faster at no extra cost, and making sure it’s available for everyone,” Hale added. “With Bookshelf CoachMe, we have made it possible to activate the trifecta of learning – read, study, and practice – within the Bookshelf platform, with no administrative lift. We are deploying something that will help students do better and support the core mission of our partner institutions – and that’s true to the heart of everything we do.”

Source: Businesswire