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Wayside Publishing Expands EdTech Portfolio with the Acquisition of Nualang, a cutting-edge educational tool designed to teach languages through conversation

In a strategic move to strengthen its position in educational technology, Wayside Publishing, a distinguished US-based world language educational solutions provider, announced via press release the acquisition of Nualang, an innovative EdTech company focused on developing high-end tools for world language classrooms.

Ms. Meg Gorden, Wayside CEO, remarked: “Wayside Publishing’s strategic acquisition of Nualang represents a significant investment in advancing language education. Nualang’s high-end tools, designed for interactive and immersive language learning experiences, will be integrated to enhance Wayside Publishing’s existing language learning solutions. The collaboration aims to deliver dynamic and engaging learning experiences, fostering improved language proficiency for educators and students. This acquisition not only opens new business opportunities for Wayside Publishing both domestically and internationally but also reaffirms our commitment to become a leading EdTech entity, actively shaping the future of education through innovative and effective technology-driven solutions.”

Wayside Publishing is excited about the possibilities that this acquisition presents for the company, its customers, and the education community at large. “We are thrilled about the acquisition of Nualang by Wayside Publishing, as it marks a pivotal moment in our journey to redefine language learning through technology. With Wayside’s acquisition of Nualang, we are ready to reach new heights in innovation and impact. Our advanced world language learning platform, seamlessly integrated with Wayside’s Learning Site®, will empower educators and students with engaging language learning experiences. Together, we are excited to embark on this journey of transforming language education and become part of the Wayside Publishing team.” Greg Cawley CEO of Nualang.

The combined expertise of Wayside Publishing and Nualang will play a key role in advancing language education and establishing new standards for excellence in EdTech.

Source: businesswire