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Academian Announces the Launch of New Education Solutions Tech Firm

Academian Inc, an education technology solutions provider, announced its launch. Academian offers the most effective learning solutions and engaging experiences in edtech for K-12, higher education and workforce development programs globally.

Academian empowers learning through technology and is a trusted and mission-driven firm focused on digital engineering, impactful content solutions, and effective learning experiences. Academian works with organizations to improve data-driven decision-making for administrators, instructors, and students with innovative instructional models and content. Academian delivers scalable dashboards and education intelligence solutions based on data for millions of students around the world. The firm’s core principle is to develop content and technology solutions that enable student performance and instructor efficacy. Their global team has extensive understanding of digital product and platform development stemming from decades of product and platform management experience.

“With our collective experience and access to global resources, we are positioned to stay ahead of innovation occurring in the market and are able to use that innovation to optimize processes and provide solutions more efficiently for our clients,” said Kal Somani, Chairman & CEO of Academian. “Academian has become an important partner for Benchmark Education Company (“BEC”) as we pursue the company’s mission amid our digital transformation. Our aggressive roadmap requires that we identify and commit to an organization that not only understands the mission-driven nature of the work we do for students and teachers around the world, but also understands what it takes to execute a digital transformation,” said Tom Reycraft, Chief Executive Officer, BEC. “Academian not only understands the technology required to realize our goals, but it also brings a team of highly qualified people who work collaboratively with BEC to find and implement solutions to the challenges we face in reaching those goals,” Reycraft added.

Academian’s experienced team specializes in a product-oriented design approach across content, learning experience design, technology, publishing, and strategic staffing. The driving force behind Academian’s service offerings is their integral understanding of market trends, learner behavior science, and domain workflows in the industries they support. This manifests in strategy crafting, instructional and media design innovation, and reengineering publishing workflows. It encompasses system and network design, and seamless cloud integration.

All segments of education, workforce and publishing continue to move from analog to digital formats. There is an ever-increasing need for educational providers to work with well-informed and experienced teams who can bring together the best solutions for the ultimate end user, the learner. Academian solves for the ongoing evolution within the education and technology spaces requiring the need for deep understanding and knowledge while being nimble to act quickly to address and act on these advances and changes.

“We believe that successful projects are about building strong, collaborative partnerships with our clients so that we are fully aligned with their needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions at an optimum cost with a personalized service,” said Monica Lund, Chief Business Officer of Academian.

Source: Businesswire