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Learn Applied AI with MindSpark: New Certification and Free Resources for Educators

MindSpark Learning®, a nonprofit organization that delivers extraordinary learning experiences for educators and professionals, launched three new AI resources for educators and others navigating AI, including their Applied AI Certification for Educators. The Applied AI Certification for Educators is an online learning experience that upskills educators to apply AI intelligently. Applied AI bridges theory with real-world application.

Since 2017, MindSpark has been a pioneer in AI education with learning experiences that shape the future. MindSpark released two free AI resources: the Applied AI Trail Guide and SparkPrompts for AI. The Applied AI Trail guide is a tool to learn about the commitments and expertise shaping MindSpark’s AI usage and education; it also serves as an invitation for organizations to do the same. SparkPrompts for AI is a series of education-oriented prompts and online simulations designed to help, guide, and support educators in their AI explorations. “It’s important to support educators with AI resources and learning experiences that are relevant to their needs. Our new Applied AI resources aim to inspire individuals to embrace AI as a valuable tool and explore its possibilities,” said MindSpark CEO Kellie Lauth.

“First and foremost, this course really helped build my comfortability with AI. I really didn’t know much about it before and was hesitant to explore because of that. I appreciated how this course broke down parts of AI in a user-friendly way. I also really appreciated the practice prompts it had us do with the different AI models,” said Lauren Schafer, 5th Grade Teacher, Thompson School District, Johnstown, CO. “It was incredibly helpful to see the examples of how you may use it in education, so then I could take what I learned and use the models with things I wanted to create for myself.”

“After completing this course, I have discovered ways to improve my own personal productivity both at work and home because using AI will significantly assist me in managing life. I learned the correct ways to use these tools and how to distinguish which tool to use based on the educational goal I’m trying to achieve,” said Tina Rhoades, Middle School Teacher, Somers Lakeside School District 29, Somers, MT. “I was shown many ways you can use these AI tools to improve education for students, parent communication, personal organization, and streamline content creation making a better use of my time actually teaching.”

Source: Businesswire