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Accelerate Learning Acquires Study Edge, Adds Math Nation to Suite of STEM Curriculum Solutions

Accelerate Learning, the developer of the award-winning STEMscopes suite of K-12 STEM curriculum solutions, has acquired Study Edge, a leading provider of technology-rich math curriculum and tutoring.

The addition of Study Edge’s innovative solutions will allow Accelerate Learning to expand its learner-focused technology capabilities in STEMscopes Math while also adding to its digital core and supplemental offerings.

Study Edge markets several math-focused products, including the highly regarded Math Nation math curriculum. Math Nation features comprehensive, interactive math resources for 6-8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and beyond. The digital and print resources — which include dynamic content videos, digital practice problems, and teacher-specific supports — are widely used in Florida as well as schools and districts nationwide. Among its many unique features, Math Nation provides an innovative video platform that let students choose between different tutors, each with a unique teaching style and pace to match students’ preferences.

“With the addition of Study Edge, we will now offer a complete K-12 curriculum for math, but what’s more important is what our combined solutions can do for students and teachers,” said Philip Galati, president and CEO of Accelerate Learning. “Like STEMscopes, Math Nation has a proven track record of improving students’ pass rates on state assessments and positively impacting diverse student populations. We look forward to seeing what schools can achieve in the months and years ahead with our expanded curriculum and capabilities.”

“The successes of students, teachers, families, and school districts are what motivate us at Study Edge. We are excited to join forces with a STEM leader like Accelerate Learning to expand our capabilities to provide the education every student deserves,” said Ethan Fieldman, founder and president of Study Edge. “We look forward to enhancing our customers’ experience with the entire suite of STEMscopes offerings to help them advance STEM teaching and learning while inspiring and preparing students for their futures.”

Source: Businesswire