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Carnegie Learning Announces New Milestone

Carnegie Learning, a leader in AI-driven technology, curriculum, and professional learning solutions for K-12 education, announced that the company has reached a new milestone: providing over 72,000 high-dosage live virtual tutoring sessions, serving over 13,000 students. Carnegie Learning has one of the largest teams of certified teachers as tutors in the nation, partnering with school districts across the U.S. to accelerate learning. This school year (2022-23, including this summer), the company’s high-dosage tutoring team served 9,675 students across the United States. On average, 94% of students who completed feedback forms found their tutoring sessions helpful and 84% of students had a response rating of 4 or 5 (5 being the highest rating) regarding their confidence in returning to math or ELA class because of their tutoring session. The average student growth rate from pre-assessment to post-assessment was approximately 70%, well above the national average.

Carnegie Learning continues to invest in its high dosage tutoring program significantly, increasing the number of certified tutors from 42 to 425 (912%), and the number of school districts the company is supporting by 243% (7 districts last year and 24 districts this year).

“Carnegie Learning has spent years building and implementing structured high dosage tutoring programs that expand teachers’ impact and accelerate learning,” said Courtney Lewis, Vice President of Tutoring Services, Carnegie Learning. “We’ve invested in identifying ways to help make tutoring programs accessible, affordable and sustainable, so school districts in Virginia can implement effective district-wide programs with proven results.”

Research shows that high-dosage tutoring – tutoring that takes place at least three times per week in small groups or one-on-one – is one of the most effective ways to prevent learning loss.

A role model for high-dosage tutoring success is Prince George’s County Public Schools. Carnegie Learning launched its tutoring service at Prince George’s County Public Schools during the COVID-related school closures of 2020, and the school district went that extra mile when they used CARES Act funds to implement online math tutoring services in partnership with Carnegie Learning. Since the program started, more than 3,000 middle and high school students have scheduled tutoring sessions to supplement classroom instruction, connecting their students with high-quality tutoring.

High-dosage tutoring extends teachers’ impact outside of the classroom, allowing live tutors to build on the solid curriculum and help fill any gaps. Not all tutoring programs only use certified teachers, but Carnegie Learning ensures that its tutors are formally certified and able to carry out the curriculum wherever students are in their learning journey.

Every student learns differently, so pre- and post-assessments, as well as ongoing formative assessments, measure growth and actively suggest new areas for growth.

Carnegie Learning’s high dosage tutoring services include:

  • Live tutors who are certified teachers with deep content and pedagogical knowledge
  • Bilingual and multilingual tutors
  • Instruction that aligns with districts’ standards and scope and sequence
  • Standards-aligned, high-quality instructional materials to support grade-level learning
  • Robust pre- and post-assessments to regularly track student growth and performance

Resource: Businesswire