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Skillsoft Announces General Availability of Conversation AI Simulator CAISY™ to Build More Effective Business Leaders

Skillsoft, a leading platform for transformative learning experiences, announced the general availability of Skillsoft CAISY™ (Conversation AI Simulator), an enterprise AI-powered skills trainer. Harnessing OpenAI’s advanced technology, CAISY provides businesses with an experiential and emotionally safe training environment where employees can simulate important workplace conversations and develop critical communication skills to become more effective leaders.

Leveraging Skillsoft’s deep library of proprietary content and experience delivering coaching at scale, CAISY enables employees to practice essential, yet often challenging scenarios related to employee performance management, customer negotiations, customer service challenges, and much more. CAISY not only facilitates these dialogues, but also offers immediate, personalized feedback and recommends tailored Skillsoft courseware to guide development. To ensure fairness, prevent bias, and deter inappropriate responses, each interaction with CAISY is monitored for potential abuse, context, and accuracy. This blend of innovation and governance creates a safe and effective learning experience that equips the workforce with vital interpersonal skills and improves confidence, company culture, and business outcomes.

“Leading organizations understand that continuous and dynamic training is critical for the development and advancement of interpersonal and leadership skills. However, these trainings historically have been difficult to develop and conduct given the staffing required to manage these programs,” said R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research. “Now with the power of AI, every organization can enable employees and managers at all levels to not only practice these skills, but also receive feedback in real-time in their own private session. These AI based tools will transform and democratize interpersonal skills development for organizations of all sizes and industries.”

“Generative AI is one of the most significant technological advancements of our lifetime and we recognize the challenge organizations and employees face as it transforms how they work, and in-turn, what and how they need to learn,” said Jeffrey R. Tarr, Chief Executive Officer, Skillsoft. “Every aspect of generative AI – from development to governance – relies on humans and human skills. We’re proud to unveil these new learning experiences, tools, and curricula that help businesses build the skills required to make the most of this uniquely human moment.”

In addition to CAISY, Skillsoft unveiled multiple offerings for businesses to build the technology, leadership, and risk management skills needed to use AI productively and responsibly.

Aspire Journeys for Generative AI
Skillsoft is releasing and developing new generative AI Aspire Journeys, multi-modal learning paths designed to promote subject literacy from the front line to the C-suite. With course content ranging from “Generative AI Foundations and Guardrails” to “AI and ML for Decision-Makers,” the Aspire Journeys ensure learners understand the fundamental principles to experiment, use, and build with generative AI responsibly and effectively as they reimagine work across functions.

Skill Benchmarks for Generative AI
Skillsoft’s new Skill Benchmarks assess proficiency and learner knowledge around generative AI’s principles, responsible use, and impact on work, as well as prompt engineering in ChatGPT. After earning a score and level – ranging from Novice to Advanced – learners receive personalized learning recommendations that deepen skillsets and progress them from AI literacy to mastery, which as a result, helps close skills gaps within the enterprise.

Ethical Use of AI in the Workplace
The World Economic Forum found that 90% of surveyed Chief Risk Officers believe efforts to regulate the development of AI must be accelerated, with self-regulation being especially important. With Skillsoft’s expanded curriculum of ethical AI courses, learners and business leaders will not only understand the common use and benefits of AI, but also further their education about the potential for bias and organizational risk from the use and development of AI and best practices for implementing guardrails and governance.


Source: Businesswire